Conference Audience, Goal, and Objectives

The goal of this activity is to update the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of health providers who care for patients with HIV/AIDS. This activity is also designed for healthcare media, federal and state legislators, AIDS service organization officers, social workers, pharmacists, nurses, peer counselors, church leadership and corrections healthcare personnel. The objectives are to familiarize participants with the epidemiology of HIV in the United States, current guidelines and cutting edge clinical modalities for the management of HIV, current research encompassing drug abuse and its connection to the HIV epidemic, social and psychiatric concerns of the HIV-infected patient, policy initiatives, trends and political issues which impact all HIV-infected patients.

A National Forum on HIV/AIDS for Health Professionals
Who Provide Care for Latinos

July 24-25, 2006¬†–¬†Miami, FL
Miami Beach Resort & Spa

(Formerly the Wyndham Miami Beach Resort)

Living Aids Quilt

The faces of HIV/AIDS look different today than they did at the pandemic’s beginning a quarter of a century ago. More people are living with the disease from all walks of life.

International AIDS Prevention Initiative will be offering their Living Quilt Program at this year’s National Conference on African-Americans and AIDS, February 27-28, 2006 in Philadelphia and at the National Conference on Latinos and AIDS, July 24-25, 2006 in Miami. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to create 12-inch square sections of either a “Commemorative Quilt” to remember someone lost to AIDS, or a “Living Quilt” for themselves or someone who is living with HIV/AIDS.

“Living Quilt” sections are composed of faces cut out of felt and decorated to reflect the personality of those living with HIV/AIDS. “Commemorative Quilt” sections include a person’s name and anything else that reflects the memory of a person who has died of AIDS. Both Living and Commemorative sections will be sewn together to show that neither will be forgotten. Sections will be and on display during the Conference.

Workshop times will be posted and supplies will be provided at the Conference. If you wish to use your own materials and trimming to make your Living Quilt more personal, you can bring a completed square or finish at the Conference’s workshops.

The Living Quilt will not be included with the NAMES Project Foundation. If you wish to make a panel to be included in the AIDS Memorial Quilt, we can help you with these and you can turn it in directly to that organization.

For further questions contact:
International AIDS Prevention Initiative at: