myLab Box At home STD Test kits reviews

There are numerous positive Mylab Box user Reviews, and in this analysis we will discuss the Mylab Box Accuracy and how with their at home STD testing kits you can get screened for STDs privately from home.

Mylab Box offers FDA Approved STD home test kits for Chlamydia, HIV, Herpes, discreet results in 3-5 days

What Is Mylab Box?

Mylab Box is quite simply an STD and STI testing company that enable you to purchase an STD Test Kit By Email, so that you can collect samples in the privacy of your own home, and then send out over to an FDA approved laboratory for testing. When using the at home STD Test, they promise to offer fast results and take great pride in their service and their confidentiality and accuracy of the results.

The tests can be purchased through their website.

Many consumers have positive things to say about Mylab box. Mylab box fills a significant requirement for people that are searching for more convenient STD Testing At Home alternatives. Below are a few of the main reasons why it can be a really good solution for individuals that want a more Anonymous STD Test.

MyLab Box presents health screenings at home in three easy steps:

Step One: Order your test online. It’s easy and can be done from your laptop, tablet or phone.
Step Two: Collect your samples at home, it takes less than 5 minutes!
Step Three: Access your accurate and confidential results online in 1-5 days.

Pricing And Tests Offered By MyLab Box

The cost of MyLab Box STD tests is usually less than that of other health and fitness care facilities and no insurance is required. You’re able to, even so, use your FSA or HSA card to purchase your tests if you want to. Not only does this open opportunities for individuals without insurance but even enables you to make your sexual history discreet from insurance companies, family, loved ones and employers. Your outcome is known to you only.

Most Popular STD Testing Product – Uber Box (Male and Female Test Kits Available)

For $269, this 8-panel testing kit will check for the most common STDs and STIs including:

And 2 more

The number of choices and combos of tests you can purchase is a huge benefit in selecting MyLab Box as your testing provider. There is a full compilation of STD and STI tests. As an illustration, you will get a 5 panel box (Safe Box $189) or a 14 panel box (Total Box $360) based on your needs. You may also get need-specific packages of assessments such as the Boomer Box intended for older adults ($189) or the prEP box for anyone with a higher risk for HIV. If you have a particular concern you might also consider the choice of purchasing specific STD tests for around $79 per test.

myLAB Box Pros & Cons


Accuracy that matches traditional testing in diagnostic environments
Discreet packaging and free two-way delivery
Results in 2-5 days of mailing your sample back
Convenience of testing from home in total privacy
Flexibility and added affordability of testing for multiple STDs together or individual STDs separately
Free phone consultation with a myLAB Box doctor if you test positive for an STD
Accepts HSA/FSA cards


myLAB Box doesn’t test for oral herpes, ureaplasma or garderella
A better at-home female fertility test is available elsewhere
Unavailable outside of the U.S. at this time

Bottom Line

We are very impressed by myLAB Box and give the company the highest marks for its STD tests as well as several of its other tests, such as the heavy metals testing kit and new rapid-result tests. Our chief complaint is that there are a few STDs tests that aren’t available at this time – so there’s room for improvement. Whether it’s an STD test or one of the multitudes of other test kits that myLAB Box offers, you can rest assured that the company’s tests are accurate, private and a great value. You can easily administer the tests from the convenience of home. We don’t think you can go wrong in choosing any one of the tests from myLAB Box – highly recommended.

What myLAB Box offers and how it works

myLAB Box has been at the vanguard of an at-home testing movement in healthcare for the better half of a decade. What started for them exclusively in STD testing has branched out in other directions, though STD testing remains a big focus.

How myLAB Box works is very straightforward from start to finish.

Order your test. myLAB Box’s menu of tests is intuitive and descriptive, so you can pick the test or tests of most interest to you.

Your kit ships in the mail to your home. After you purchase (and be sure to use INNERBODY20 to get your 20% discount), your kit will be mailed to you in discreet packaging. Shipping is free to you in both directions.

Collect your test specimen. myLAB Box test kits include detailed instructions, and the process is always straightforward. Follow the basic instructions and you can be confident that your test results will be as accurate as a test you’d take in the doctor’s office. These tests aren’t painful; all STD tests involve only a vaginal swab, a urine sample or a finger-prick for blood sample. Other tests are equally straightforward. A couple of our testers are very squeamish about blood and needles, but had no problem at all with the finger prick.

Mail your kit back to the laboratory for analysis and results. Shipping is free and fast. You’ll have your results in just a few days.

Consult with a physician about next steps, if you test positive for an STD or if you’re taking a “rapid” test. In the case of STD testing, this consultation is a free and very valuable service for those whose test results indicate they have a sexually transmitted infection. The licensed and experienced physician will guide you through the best next steps to get the treatment you need in order to successfully address the infection. The free physician consultation is also an impressive value-add for the rapid tests.

Submitting your sample

The process of submitting a sample for testing with myLAB Box is quick, simple, and convenient. Once you have ordered your testing kit or box online, it will arrive in the mail in a discreet package with a return address of ‘The Fulfillment Center.” The product name and business name are not shown anywhere on the outside of the package. When your package arrives, according to myLAB Box, self-testing can be completed in “as little as five minutes”. In our testing, we found this to be true. STD testing involves the collection of either a swab sample, small urine sample, or a drop of blood, depending on the test that you have chosen. For other forms of testing, the sample will be different (for instance, the male fertility test). In all cases, clear instructions are included with each kit, and sample collection can be performed quickly and painlessly in the comfort of your own home.

When you’ve obtained a sample, return it in the self-addressed and pre-paid envelope provided. Within 1-5 days, you will receive an email containing a link to a secure portal containing your results. If you test positive for an STD, you are entitled to a free phone consultation with a myLAB Box physician affiliate, and in some cases a prescription can be sent to the pharmacy of your choosing. The availability of consultation and treatment services may vary depending on your state of residence.
How long until you get test results?

From the moment you place your order, you can have your test results within 5-11 days. myLAB Box delivers on their promise of timely results.

Once you collect your sample(s) and ship your package back to the lab for analysis, you’ll get results in 2-5 days – much faster than many testing scenarios – without leaving your house. Our testers got results, on average, 3 days after mailing them.

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